About Us

Knock Out Knife Crime uses boxing as a way to inspire and educate vulnerable young people and adults to make positive changes in their lives.

Our programmes use the sport of boxing to empower, inspire, motivate, support, mentor, embolden and elevate the next generation. While the sport of boxing plays a central role, we believe strongly that the confidence gained through boxing is transferable to many other areas and therefore benefits the participant with other challenging aspects of their lives.

In our experience, individuals who have become involved in criminal behaviour often feel trapped and can fear repercussions if they abscond from gangs. However, a move from that way of life into boxing is often seen as more acceptable to their peers because of the image boxing has as a sport.

Through boxing training, the coaches and mentors we work with build strong relationships with participants to help them transform their lives. As well as being a tremendous means of physical exercise, boxing is character-building and increases confidence and self-esteem. This in turn can (and does) lead many of our attendees to develop an interest in other areas such as opting back in to education or career planning. Positive role models offer guidance on vital life skills such as mental well-being, healthy nutrition and responsible parenting. All of the areas covered are designed to facilitate positive changes in behaviour, instil longstanding values and encourage development.

We give young people a place they look forward to going to and where they can improve their chances of a better, more productive and fulfilling life.